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LSM-900XL Tray Sealing Machine

LSM-900XL Tray Sealing Machine

- Stainless Steel Frame and Anodized Alloy

- Low Maintenance and Compact Design

- Digital Controller Panel with Microcomputer program for different setting

- Microcomputer with multi - function design and error code detection

- Front Safety guard for emergency

- Operation can be set as Manual or Automatic (Photo-sensor)

- Three functionailty for Film Feeding: Sensor, Encoder, Timer

- Available for Plain or Custom Artwork film

- Quick Interchangeable Mould / Tooling

The LS-900 "XL" Series is one of the largest model of the Table Top Sealing Machine (Pneumatic-Drive) family. It is powered by both electrical motor and air compressor. 

Today's food manufacturers are exploring methodologies to streamline and enhance the productivity of their food packaging processes. With LASER's Top Sealing Machinery, gone were the days of labour-intensive production line. 


Measurements: 720mm(L) x 510mm(W) x 760mm(H)
Number of Cavity: 1 / 2 / 4
Voltage: 220V, 650W / 1050W / 1850W
Weight:  85kg / 90kg / 95kg
Production Rate: 390 / 700 / 1150 Pc/Hr
Max Tray Size:

350mm(W) x 260mm(L) x 120mm(H)

160mm(W) x 280mm(L) x 120mm(H)

160mm(W) x 120mm(L) x 120mm(H)