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LSM-55 Automatic Sealing Machine

LSM-55 Automatic Sealing Machine

- Sturdy construction with stainless steel cover

- Vacuum & Gas flush function (MAP)

   > Removal of natural atmospheric air

   > Inert Gases (Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxides and various noble gases)

- Heating element with teflon coating and aluminium anodising 

- Interchangeable mould and sealing tools

- Safety guard for security

- Accurate film rewinding design

- Three Modes of Film Feeding: Eyemark Sensor, Distance Encoder and Timer

The LS-55 is a specialized model of the automatic sealing machine that integrates Vacuum and Gas Flush Function (MAP Packaging) into the state of art technique of automated top-sealing.

On top of the high rate of production, it also ensures the freshness of your final products.

Suitable for beverages, Pudding, Jelly, Fast-food, Snacks, Various microwavable food products, Seasoned Frozen Food, Pickled Foods, Seafood and processed agricultural products.





Measurements: 3000mm(L) x 1200mm(W) x 1700mm(H)
Weight: 650kg
Number of Cavity: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 
Voltage: 220V / 380V / 440V (3 Phrase)
Air Compressor: 5 PH
Production Rate: 1000 ~ 4000 pcs/h
Max Container Size:  440mm(L) x 220mm(W) x 100mm(H)